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Mayan's Phylosophy..


Often we are excited by Ad's and Deals.. It all looks so attractive! All that for so ''little money'' we think..?

Before we know it we already have bought another "bargain".. often unnecessary.

And oh! Are we happy.. Proud.. joyful.. 

Then we become silent.. the excitement fades away..

Going for another 'sale'..?

If this is happening to you, stop! Think about it, is this normal? Or could it be that there is something wrong? 

Maybe you're trying to fill up an empty place .. Trying to find happiness true buying ''stuff'.. Anyhow, that's up to your shrink..

It certainly does not help our ecosystem or yours..

This is what the 'throw-away society' wants.. Is this what you want?

Helping childlabor to stay, poor work conditions, low pay, pollution etc.. 

That just taste bitter.

So we say, get yours together and live sustainable, fully aware of what's behind your buy.. 

Luckily there are more and more initiatives that are giving us the possibility to buy sustainable..

So are we.. Together with local companies we make products on an ecological way with Love For Earth.

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